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Yaxha-StätteVisit the Yaxha ruins in the afternoon with an experienced guide and learn all about the history and myths that make this place so magical. At the end of the tour we will serve you a romantic wine & cheese picnic at the foot of the Yaxha temple….enjoy this romantic atmosphere while listening to the afternoon concert of the cicadas.

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Guatemala is located in the heart of the Mayan World and has much to offer besides its Mayan heritage and colonial cities, a diversity of natural richness: active volcanoes around the valley of Antigua, majestic rivers in Alta Verapaz, and impressive lakes in the Solola region.

The main visitor attraction is the former Central American capital, Antigua. Nestled between active volcanoes and lush vegetation Antigua fascinates its visitors with colonial architecture, cobles stone streets with horse carriages, and enchanted gardens. The Northern area from Antigua is the home to the azure sparkling Lake Atitlan, which offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding volcanoes.

The different indigenous Mayan communities around the Atitlan Lake make this region a cultural highlight. In Chichcastenango, on market days, visitors will witness a flood of Mayans in their traditional clothing buying or selling their goods, mainly colorful handicrafts. To this day, Mayan priests from far away make their way to Chichicastenango to participate in the traditional Mayan ceremonies held in the town’s old church.

Tikal lies in the North of Guatemala and is considered to be one of the most impressive Mayan sites in Central America. Not far from Tikal lies another archaeological important site – Yaxha. Yaxha was one of the most important temple sites back in the Mayan world, and is our personal “insider tip” that you should not miss the chance to visit!


Casa Encantada, Antigua
Casa Encantada, Antigua

Casa Encantada, Antigua
Casa Encantada, Antigua

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