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Welcome to Cambodia, a country with an inspiring and devastating history, a country of enchanting temples and ruins that invites you to a time travel of history and beauty.

Cambodia's number one attraction is the temple complex at Angkor Wat, located just outside its second city Siem Reap. As well as Angkor Wat itself, visitors can experience the eerie statues of Angkor Thom and the incredible spectacle of Ta Phrom, an ancient temple which, over the centuries, has been taken over by nature.

Often overlooked in favor of the beaches in Thailand and southern Vietnam, Cambodia's south coast is one of the real hidden gems of Southeast Asia. The lively beach resort of Sihanoukville gets most of the tourists, but the sleepy seaside town of Kep (and nearby Rabbit Island), the peaceful riverside town of Kampot, and the stunning Kirirom National Park make this a region well worth devoting some considerable time to.

Improved road access means that Cambodia's north is now easier to visit than ever before. Visit the pretty colonial town of Kratie and try to spot rare Irrawaddy dolphins; visit Kampong Cham, Cambodia's third city and home to countless temples and rubber plantations; and explore the hill tribe villages of Ratanakiri province.


Combine your Vietnam or Cambodia trip with an extension into Southeast Asia’s least-known holiday destination, the mountainous, laid-back country of Laos, and experience Indochina at its most natural…

Another UNESCO World Heritage site, Luang Prabang is deservedly Laos’s most popular destination. Scenically situated at the confluence of the Mekong and Nam Khan rivers and nestled amongst mountains, it combines some of the region’s best preserved French colonial architecture with a relaxed, friendly ambience that is typically Laotian.

In Laos´s sleepy capital Vientiane enjoy the tranquility of Wat Sisaket, the city’s oldest and most beautiful temple, marvel at the stunning golden stupa of That Louang, and explore the city’s fascinating food market, before taking a trip out of town to mysterious Buddha Park.

Dotted with historical sites, Xieng Khouang province is a great place to learn about Laos’s history, both ancient and modern. As is Muang Khoun, the old provincial capital – once home to dozens of 16th century stupas but virtually obliterated during the Vietnam War. The ancient stupa of That Dam and the ancient Buddha of Wat Phia Wat give you a mere hint of the town’s former glory.

Easily accessible by road from Vietnam, the south of Laos gets fewer visitors than the centre & north and is thus a great place for some real off the beaten track exploring. Enjoy wandering around the Hanoi-esque French colonial streets of the riverside city of Savannakhet; pick up the Laos section of the Ho Chi Minh Trail and visit the stunning pre-Angkorian temple complex of Wat Phou, another UNESCO World Heritage site.

Nature lovers will be in their element at Si Phan Don, Laos’s famous Four Thousand Islands, an amazing archipelago in the middle of the Mekong and home to charming villages, ancient temples, rare species (including freshwater dolphin) and Southeast Asia’s biggest and most spectacular waterfalls. The perfect country for biking and trekking!


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