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Are you dreaming of fine sandy beaches, turquoise blue sea and Caribbean flair? Then we invite you to visit Nicaragua's remote, unspoiled Corn Islands about 70 km off the Caribbean coast. A paradise for adventurers – do you wish to scuba dive, snorkel, take long walks along the beach or just unwind in a hammock along the beautiful, white and palm-lined beaches….then we will be happy to make this your next getaway!

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Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America and is also referred to as “the land of volcanoes and lakes”. In Central America's largest freshwater lake, the Lago de Nicaragua, lies the island of Ometepe, which was formed by the two volcanoes, Concepción (1610m) and Maderas (1394m). In addition to the island of Ometepe, the biggest lacustrine island, more than 300 smaller volcanic islands exist. These smaller Islands were inhabited by Indian cultures in pre-Columbian times. The life-size stone sculptures in front of church in Altagracia are proof of Indian ancestry on the island. With your two volcanoes, stone statues and petroglyphs, Ometepe is one of the most visited destinations in Nicaragua.

The Pacific side of Nicaragua is characterized by a chain of some still-active volcanoes that runs through the country from north to south. Both light and dark beaches align the shores of the Pacific. Especially popular are Nicaragua’s beaches among surfers with a seemingly endless supply of surf breaks.

Another highlight of Nicaragua is the small colonial town of Granada, at the foot of the volcano Mombacho (1345 m). As you stroll through the colorful streets of the city, admire the beautiful colonial architecture influenced by the Spaniards in 1524. The towns Cathedral is regarded as one of the most important colonial buildings in Central America


Jicaro Lodge, Nicaragua See
Jicaro Lodge, Nicaragua See
Morgan´s Rock Ecolodge, Playa Ocotal
Morgan´s Rock Ecolodge, Playa Ocotal
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