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The San Blas Islands are among the most colorful and beautiful regions of Panama. A visit to the Kuna Yala territory is an absolute must and will contribute to an unforgettable experience!
Relax on and visit remote and pristine islands, enjoy the clear water, fresh fish to each meal and get enchanted by the special world of the Kuna Indians!

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Panama is the southernmost country of Central America bordered by Costa Rica to the North and Columbia to the South. Similar to its famous neighbor, Panama offers an incredible variety of nature and beaches to enjoy. Short distances to the Caribbean and Pacific coast, boasting small islands and sheltered coral reefs invite you to spectacular snorkeling, sailing and diving. Only here you will find pristine beaches…take a break from everyday life whilst feeling the soft ocean breeze in the shade of palm trees…

The archipelago of San Blas is inhabited by the Kuna Yala tribe and belongs to the kingdom of the indigenous Kuna people. Kuna Yala is without doubt one of the least explored areas in the Caribbean. It is a simple, proud and happy tribe, which has kept its traditions in the modern world of Panama. Besides beautiful handicrafts, these settlers live off agriculture and fishing worshipping the “ran Madre Tierra”, the protecting mother earth, who keeps their life in balance.

The modern Panama is characterized by high-rise buildings where hotels, banks and malls outline the coastal city. Next to the modern Panama the old town, “casco viejo” of Panama is also worth a visit. Take a stroll through the old quarter with its colonial architecture and historic buildings.

At the narrowest point of the country the Panama Canal cuts through the land, sparing shipping companies almost a 15.000 km long and dangerous detour around Cape Horn. A visit to the most famous site of Central America is a MUST. You may participate in a Panama Canal transit watching the big ships navigate through the Watergates.

Enjoy the different and colorful facets of Panama, the modern city with colonial architecture, the impressive Panama Canal, jungle tours to remote mountain villages, Indian tribes with diverse cultures and the palm-fringed beaches on the Caribbean islands ...


Hotel Punta Caracol, Bocas del Toro
Hotel Punta Caracol, Bocas del Toro
Hotel Punta Caracol, Bocas del Toro
Hotel Punta Caracol, Bocas del Toro
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